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Memory Cafes

Memory Cafes

B Sharp Arts Engagement

B Sharp Arts Engagement

Care Partner Support

Care Partner Support

No one walking the dementia journey has to walk alone

When individuals and communities choose to ‘B’ with our friends on the dementia journey, allowing them to ‘B’ themselves, we discover that lifelong WELL-‘B’-ING is entirely possible. We invite you to ‘B’ our partner in supporting our signature programs that help us build and sustain dementia-friendly communities.  (See the ABOUT page for our signature programs.)

B our partner  
Please support us and the signature programs that help us build and sustain dementia-friendly communities.

To “B” yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Dementia Friendly Communities of Northern Colorado was recently featured on Denver’s 7.

Harlan and Marlene dance at a Memory Cafe

We love our friends at Memory Cafes.  Meet one of our couples:

Harlan: “Sometimes with my problem…this is the problem I have…what is it honey?”

Marlene tenderly responded: “You have dementia.”

Harlan:  “Yes, I have dementia.   I can’t get things out…Some days are good. Some are bad.”

Harlan looked toward his beloved wife and added: “Today is a good day.  I like it here.”

While reminiscing at Memory Café about favorite school memories, in the comfort of friends who aren’t rushing or correcting him, Harlan shared the story of when he saw his future bride for the first time.

“I saw her across the band room, she was over there, and I was over here…and I thought, “WO!”. 

All the memory café friends joined him in laughter. We asked Marlene if she thought the same thing.  Her attempt at a diplomatic response brought even more laughter: “No, not really.” Despite Harlan’s aphasia, he quickly came back in jest with, “and it’s been like that for a long time!”

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